How to Bake Breads Hands On Classes

Due to proprietary reasons, i will not divulge some of the activities we do in class because i have been told that someone is copying what we do in class somewhere.

Most of the questions asked is, will i learn in just four days? Of course you will but just as any acquired skill learned from scratch, it depends on you. If you bake only once a week, or twice a month, then your learning will be very slow.

If you are passionate about this, then yes. You will make mistakes but i will bombard you with lots of tips and tricks, your ingredient knowledge, the baker’s %, etc., plus the fact that you did most of the baking in class, you will learn FASTER.

You will end up doing most of the work in class, from adding the water (which is the hardest), to telling when the dough is done mixing, to shaping, (most of the students have never handled a dough let alone put fillings inside a dough), then proofing and baking.

Students take turn in baking the dough. This is the fun and most exciting part since in just a few minutes, they, the students will be able to eat the breads they just mixed a couple of hours ago.

I love it when the students finally get to see the breads. Voila! There it is, right in front of their eyes, and the magic words ” sige, pwede na kayong kumain ng tinapay”. At first, medyo nagkakahiyaan pa, some would say ” ay, mainit pa”, one would get up to take one, then when he or she gets to eat it, the others will follow and would go back for seconds.

Day 1, we do the simplest and most basic breads. The pandesal is a revelation since i sell this recipe in my old bakery. When they tell me how soft and delicious it is, i always tell them, “napakamura na nga ng recipe na yan” , you can see the glitter in their eyes. It was like their saying, ” I am going to make this too”.

So make sure you come in with flat and comfortable shoes, cotton shirt and a spare, apron, and your container. I will share some of the breads but you have to promise me they will get home the same way they came out of the oven. Do not bring a small one inch flat container because it will not work.

February March 2017 QC Yakal 015.jpgFebruary March 2017 QC Yakal 037.jpg


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