Covering the Dough

I remember 2 years ago i was training a group of bakers and one of the bakers upon seeing my proofing rack “ay bakit may takip”? Once you enter my baking area, you will see may proofing and cooling rack covered in just plain canvas sheet. I had an option to have it lined and covered with glass but this would present a problem once i placed hot pans inside.

The condensation will build up and i don’t think i like the whole idea so better leave the canvas. If i want it to serve as a cooling rack, i open the cover, proofing, then i cover the whole thing.

So back to the baker, i told him why the dough should be covered etc., etc., formation of a thick crust, the dough will not proof to its maximum height and so on.

2 days after, and this is maybe because he is Bisaya i am not sure but he asked me “bakit namamalat ang masa?” Masa is dough and “namamalat” i am not sure but i think it is Bisaya, so i repeated what i explained again last Day 1 when he saw the proofing rack covered in canvas the whole time we were proofing. Ay Kuya. Or maybe he forgot.

Below is a photo of a dough i purposely left outside without a cover. Look at what happens to the dough. The top is crusted and the gas building up has no place to go but FIND THE SOFTEST PART where it can expand.

january 2017 roses videos 262.jpg

january 2017 roses videos 264.jpg

I touched it and it is very dry. Note how it will look like when it is baked.

january 2017 roses videos 268.jpg

It doesn’t look like a decent bread, it has a cap which is the hardest part of the crust. The next bad thing about it is that this roll lacks volume compared to the others with the same weight. If you sell this bread, people will get mad at you for sure. So now you know.

january 2017 roses videos 279.jpg
Sesame Seed Roll

Now this is how it should like, smooth crust and even shape. No protruding dough on the right side.


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