Baking Pandesal, Araw Araw (everyday)

Posting my April session after we finished yesterday is a record. I usually do my blogs like once a month and after 2 weeks after a session, sometimes never.

Anyway, there were only 3 students this time, maybe it’s the heat i am not sure but this class reminds me of persistence. Once you have this, you will be a great baker in no time at all. Imagine me telling them, oh ha after the session, do not let 2 weeks past without baking kasi makakalimutan ninyo ang lessons ninyo please.

Start baking at least 2 to 3 days after our class, that soon. Hay naku, eto namang si Manny eh talaga naman excited, super excited that after Day 1 he made some Siopao pero palpak. So i asked him what happened etc., etc., and gave him solutions and tips.

After Day 2 he baked again, and this time he only proofed for 30 minutes so siempre, the bread turned out hard, not enough proofing and so we talked about it, blah blah blah. What not to do, what to do while we mix and make up our dough.

But yesterday afternoon, maybe after our session ended, he baked again. This time, after our session ends, after Day 4, he baked his perfect Pandesal with Hotdog pa!!! Ha ha ha, i am so happy for him. I did not have to worry about him not baking or practicing what he learned kasi eto, nag bake agad siya.

I am not sure why he was so eager, maybe he is just a bread addict, or that his previous frustration over a baking class he attended made his resolve stronger. He spent his savings to buy a bakery set, and this is it.

There are similar stories like him, but they wait just a bit before they start baking. Yung iba kasi saka lang bumibili ng equipment after the class or during the class. Si Manny, nakabili na.

So yes, i just received a message from him and he baked Pandesal again. Pandesal araw araw is not bad at all. Good luck!!!


Slicing the baguette so it would fit their containers while we finish packaging the Ensaimadas.


The Special Ensaimadas, 10 eggs and a bar of butter, you won’t believe how good it is.

Below are the breads from Day 3. We baked pizzas and had them for lunch. Yum!!!



That’s how large your container should be so you can bring some breads home. text or send me a message for baking class reservations. Be happy to help you.


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