Cake Decorating

Below are photos of my last cake decorating class with Katrina and Anna Maria Garcia, both are Garcias but they are not related. Anna is from Davao, and Katrina is from Bulacan. Anna, in blue was a former bread making student from 2012 and she came back for the cake decorating lessons.

Photo shows Buttercream piping and Royal Icing flowers. Direct piping on cupcakes and also on icing papers. Royal Icing is not piped directly on cupcakes because the grease or fat of the cake can sometimes affect the Royal Icing flowers but if you are in a hurry, it does work most of the time. It’s just not the usual practice.



Buttercream Day 1



Here you will see a mix of Buttercream and Royal Icing flowers. We reviewed what we piped on Day 1 so we now have drop flowers which is a bit hard for beginning students to perfect. The largest drop flower is a lot easier than the small ones but they are nice additions as cake toppers.



Practicing piping on top of an upside down mini bowl. The practice buttercream can be scraped and then re piped until you get the feel of the bag.


On an icing nail. Practice makes perfect. I would sometimes go on months without doing this but once it got you, you are good to go. Your fingers and hands will not forget the skill, you just need to re acquaint both to the bag and the icing for a few minutes and then you can pipe away.



The cake decorating lessons ran for 3 days, wish i can add another day for a full round cake project on the last day but…

It was fun doing this while we chat about politics and life. Nice to see Anna once again, and i wish her coffee shop all the luck in the world.


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