Vegetarian, Meat, and other variations

February 4
March 4
April 1

Everybody can make their own Pizzas. Small, large, minis!!!
Pizza Sandwich! Why not?
The same Pizza dough can make Pita Breads!
Using a Pizza Stone, Pita Chips baking at the bottom to crisp them up. Again, same dough.
Deep dish pizza, as requested. Lots of meat and mushroom inside.
No kidding, the same dough can be made into French Bread. Like this.

For those who want just to learn how to make Pizzas, i am opening a class once a month, possibly every first Sundays or in any available Sunday of the month. Since there’s not much rising going on when it comes to a Pizza dough, meaning, you don’t need to wait till it doubles or triples in height, i decided to agree on holding a one day class just for this type of bread or pie if you want to call it that way.

I am not underestimating the pie, or the bread. Pizzas should have an excellent base. That is, a very good well fermented dough, and to start that, you need a starter or a sponge the night before. From my experience, a two day old retarded dough, chilling inside your refrigerator gives the best, and most flavorful crust ever. It does not matter if your topping is just olive oil and garlic, some salt and pepper and dried rosemary, this focaccia or flatbread will taste heaven. Wait. You mean a Focaccia is also a Pizza? No.

Not too many people know that the dough you use to make Ciabattas, Focaccia, French Bread, Pita Bread, etc… can also be used to make Pizzas. There. As in really? Yup. It’s the same base dough, which we call in the industry, a Lean Dough.

Lean doughs have no fat, no sugar and if there’s any at all, would be in the range of 1-2 % only. You can see Molto Mario or Bobby Flay on Food Network add (this was way before facebook time guys) add a bit of sugar, some olive oil and that is just fine. The sugar feeds the yeast, the oil gives the dough some lubrication helping the gluten develops faster.

Students will learn how to prepare the sponge for the night before the big mix, how to retard the dough for extra flavor, how to freeze the dough (YES!), and how to create variations.

I love flatbreads, or to me, pizzas without the cheese and tomato sauce. Diet, diet, diet. Let’s face it, pizzas can be fattening but they don’t have to be all the time. I have a salad garden in my front terrace and i love to make flatbreads so i can eat my salad greens fresh, making it a complete meal with a bowl of warm soup.

Finally, students will KNEAD the dough manually, but also mix some dough using a commercial mixer. What this means is that you do not need a heavy duty mixer to make Pizzas. You can use the technique i will teach you so you don’t have to break your back kneading that dough into eternity!!!
Yes, there is a better and faster way to develop that gluten and i will show you this in class. Each student will knead his or her own dough to top, bake and bring home.

This Xmas and Media Noche, Pizzas became our center attraction. Be inspired and feed your family with the best tasting pizzas. Why pay hundreds of pesos? Make your own Pizza!!!

To register for the class, please text Me: Shirley at 09495705091. Location is at Fairview. For sketch, please visit

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