Shirley is baking


Shirley Villafranca

Food Service graduate, OB Montessori Center, Greenhills San Juan

I started teaching after i left my work as a Kitchen Supervisor in an Italian restaurant in Greenhills. I bought a sack of hard wheat flour and baked my way into learning how to mass produce breads such as Pandesal and French breads. I have a large 4 sheeter oven and a 10 quart mixer so i told myself why not?

My first student came around 2001, not too many but it came in trickles as i did not have a website back then. My very first big time client was the sister of Danding Cojuangco, Dona Isabel Suntay and her partner, one the singers of New Minstrel Ding Mercado. It was a blast, i wish i can tell you their story but just drop by my class and i will tell you.

january 2017 roses videos 028.jpg

From here, i fell in love with teaching. I taught Nursery for 6 and a half years, so why it figures why i would sink into teaching breads quite easily. It is physically and mentally stressful, but once a student emails you and sends you a photo of their very first bake, you know you are on the right track. Those emails and photos are priceless.

I am a graduate of B.S. Psychology at Manila Doctor’s College so i guess psyching my way into the subliminal effects of bread making and eating is all a part of why i fell in love with it. Oh yes, the breads taste awesome, don’t take my word for it, my students said so on the very first day of class. I would not have gone on teaching this long if they told me otherwise.

One thing’s for sure. When Shirley is baking, there will be lucky people around me eating something free and yummy. 😉

january 2017 roses videos 010.jpg

Call or text me at 09495705091  email me your stories, i would love to hear from you. If you lie far and can’t make it to my classes, then get a copy of the ebook and learn how to bake at home. You will always be welcome to email me anytime, MSM, real time once you start baking.


Follow me on my twitter or my facebook so we can share bread and baking ideas together.

    tumblr cakes         blogspot                   tel. 9495705091

You may also drop by if you want, i prefer during sessions so you can see what we do and possibly bring home a couple of baked goods.

penuchepastries 2017                                          SHIRLEY VILLAFRANCA

Location: Block 6 Lot 11 Yakal Street, Northridge Park Subd. Sta. Monica Novaliches Quezon City 1117.



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